Getting Connected: Twitter

What is Twitter?

Why would you want to use Twitter?

  • Let's see what Kim's (and your) tweeps have to say!

How does Twitter work?

  • Using Lists
  • Tweets, Retweets and Replies

Who's on Twitter?

How do you find people to connect with?

  • Follow one, find many
  • Lists
  • Hashtags
  • WeFollow

How do you keep up with all of the information on Twitter?

  • Twitter on the web vs a Twitter client
  • Lists
  • Aggregators & Apps
  • A river of information
  • Social Bookmarking with Diigo & Delicious to save resources

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Some reading suggestions:

Twitter Tools & Resources:

Your task:

  1. Create your own Twitter account
  2. Download a Twitter client like Twitter or Seismic Desktop
  3. Check out what other participants are tweeting about this workshop by checking the hashtag for this weekend #sistne
  4. Find educators that you would like to follow on Twitter using hashtags, lists, following, or aggregation websites like WeFollowand recommend them on Twitter using the hashtag for this workshop #sistne
  5. Find 3 - 5 resources about education that you think might be of interest, and share them via Twitter using the hashtag #sistne
  6. At your table groups, discuss: how can you use Twitter with your classes?